Client Testimonials

“Working with Scion Design has been the opening door for me to the possibilities of integrated landscapes.  It has redirected my attention to the whole concept view of green living things, the basis for truly understanding why living matter thrives, or does not. I came to Scion Design with years of experience in growing.  Despite this dedicated work, I felt that the landscape was not reaching its potential to foster the kinds of interaction necessary for abundance and diversity.  Scion Design was able to take my view, my concepts and integrate me into my design. With Quincy’s help in understanding permaculture principles and access to a wide array of suitable techniques, plants, and growers, we’ve been able to break new ground together.

“Quincy’s design work allows me to utilize my skills in the appropriate time and manner to sustain the growing taking place now.  This is a long-term investment of my resources, and having long and short term stages in the process have kept me focused, watchful, and engaged as each season reveals a maturing community of green life around me. My questions continue!  And Scion Design has been a solid resource in all manner of offshoots in my progress.  I recommend Quincy’s work for any person ready to culture it.”
–S., West Virginia